Parent Teacher Group (PTG)

The PTG was developed as a way to assist the school in offsetting increasing costs in student tuition, as well as increasing community awareness of St. Anthony's Catholic School.  PTG offers many volunteering opportunities for parents.  Meetings are held monthly and parents are encouraged to be involved.  

PTG Dues

PTG Dues in the amount of $300 are collected from families through their FACTS account. Dues are included in the annual tuition and can be paid with the month tuition payments. The $300 dues include 2 tickets to the Auction Dinner and $90 voucher credit to be used towards any of the three fundraising events held during the school year.

Volunteer Requirements

Anyone who plans to volunteer in any capacity at the school or school related event, including anything conducted off campus must have the following on file in the school office:

  • Fingerprint clearance - see office for form

  • Protecting God's Children - online training and certificate through Virtus

  • Volunteer application

If any of the above are missing, you will be unable to participate.

All volunteers on the school campus during school hours are required to check in at the office and obtain a visitor pass.  You must sign in and out using the Participation Binder to receive credit for your service hours.  Reporting service hours is your responsibility.  Hours will be updated on RenWeb following all major PTG fundraisers.

​A family cannot gift their excess hours to another family.  You must sign in and out of an event and indicate the family you are working for.


Should an individual for any reason be unable to keep a previously scheduled commitment, it is the sole responsibility of that individual to contact the event chair and find a substitute who will fill in and meet the obligation.  If no one can be found, you MUST arrange to work at another PTG event to fulfill your commitment.  If no arrangement is made and no contact is made with the event chair or participation coordinator, you will be assessed accordingly.

Updated PTG By-laws and Constitution

The PTG Board met during the month of March to update and revise the By-laws and Constitution of the group, which were over 10 years old and not applicable to our current environment at the school.  The pdf presented here is the final version of that document and was adopted on 4/13/2017 by the PTG Board of Directors.

PTG By-Laws and Constitution

Download File

Volunteer Positions/Activities

The following is a small listing of positions available each year. Positions are filled annually on a first come - first serve basis.  Prior occupation of a given position does not guarantee your placement in that position for the following year. There are many more positions and jobs available and can be found in our weekly newsletter and on the classroom boards.

POSITIONS                                       POINTS
PTG Event Chair                                      20                  

PTG Event Sub Chair                             hourly
Art Docent Lead                                       20
Art Docent Class Assistant                     hourly
Fine Arts Night Workers                        hourly
*CYO Coach (1 per team)                           20
*CYO Asst. Coaches                              hourly
SCRIP Workers                                        20
*Harvest Festival set up                         hourly
*Harvest Festival Booth Chair                     20
*Harvest Festival Booth Worker               hourly
Head Room Mom                                      20
Room Parents                                           10
Class Project Coordinator                           10
Ag/Farm Day                                        hourly
Olympic Day Coach                               hourly
Olympic Day Volunteer                          hourly
PTG Locker Coordinator                            20
Dance-a-thon Coordinator                          10
PTG used uniform Coordinator                hourly
Safety Volunteer - Parking Lot                hourly
*Safety Volunteer - Mass                        hourly

*Maximum of 20 hours can be credited for parish volunteer activities.

Participation Hours from page 47 of Parent-Student Handbook:

Participation Hours
Parents/guardians are expected to assist in activities which help reduce the operating costs and/or provide enrichment opportunities for students.  A minimum of thirty (30) hours of service is expected of two (2) parent/guardian households, and fifteen (15) for single parent/guardian households during the school year. All families are considered two parent/guardian households if both parents are involved in the education of their child, regardless of marital status. A maximum of twenty (20) hours may be worked at the Parish Harvest Festival.  

You have a responsibility to work a mandatory event for your oldest school age child.  For mandatory events, hours worked will be applied to total participation hours required. You must still work your mandatory event, even if you exceed your participation hours requirement. (See attachment for current year grade level mandatory events.) Additionally a maximum of five (5) hours per year will be given for donated candy/baked goods for events.  If the required volunteer service hours are not completed, parents/guardians must financially compensate St. Anthony's Catholic School 
$20 per unfulfilled hour.  

If a family elects to not participate in working the PTG Participation Hours then they may pay the PTG Participation Buy Out Fee of $600 which is due in full by August 15. This PTG Participation Buy Out fee will be collected through FACTS in addition to the August tuition payment. By selecting this option through our Online Enrollment & Reenrollment packets families agree to these terms.