St. Anthony's Catholic School: About Us

St. Anthony's Catholic School was established in 1955 by The Precious Blood Sisters who ran the school until their departure in 1969. The original structure included four classrooms, administrator's office, cafeteria, infirmary, and library. Over the years, the school has grown to include 10 classrooms, a preschool, kindergarten, and a gymnasium. In 1956, the school's enrollment was 102. Currently, preschool - eighth grade has the enrollment of over 300 students.
Our Mission Statement
       Growing God's children in faith to build a life-long relationship with Christ.

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Diocese of Stockton Pastoral Conduct Policy

St. Anthony Catholic School is committed to creating a safe, appropriate and Christian environment for minors and their relationship with adults involved in Church ministry by following the guidelines that are set forth in the Diocese of Stockton’s Code of Pastoral Conduct for Priests, Deacons, Seminarians, Lay Employees and Volunteers.

The Diocese of Stockton Pastoral Code of Conduct and the Standards of Conduct documents can be found below or on their website:

Standards of Conduct

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Code of Pastoral Conduct

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You will need to sign and return page 4 of the Standards of Conduct and pages 8&9 in the Pastoral Code of Conduct to volunteer with our school.